Meet Mx. Rockwell.

Gretchen Rockwell is a queer American poet currently living in Scotland and pursuing graduate studies in science fiction literature.  Xe enjoys writing poetry about gender and sexuality, history, myth, science, space, and unusual connections.


Previously, xe lived and worked in Newport, RI as a supplemental instructor of English at the Naval Academy Preparatory School. There, xe helped students to develop their writing and rhetorical skills through collaborative sessions. Xe also co-ran a weekly poetry club, leading writing workshops and discussion sessions. 

Gretchen earned xer B.A. in English (Writing) at Messiah University in 2015. While there, xe worked at the Writing Center for three years in various leadership roles. Xe graduated with honors. In addition to attending various writing conferences and poetry festivals in the years since finishing xer degree, Gretchen participated in the Juniper Summer Writing Institute in 2018 with Dara Weir, and the Scioto Winter Writing Workshop in 2019 with Ruth Awad and William Evans.

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